dry cabin chilling with Mark

dry cabin chilling with Mark

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make me choose:
↳ anonymous asked: season 31, season 34 or season 38 bill hader?

This is why I need to get on SNL

I second that.

Jeff, you have always been our bill hader


This week I’ve been house sitting and the lovely couple let me use their car. When I got off my closing shift at work i noticed it was snowing, immediately headed for my retreat of creamer’s field (real life lothlorien) and walked in the moonlit light snow, which lasted about 30 minutes. Fairbanks nightlife is beautiful if done right

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Fig. 17.  Atlas and text-book of topographic and applied anatomy. 1905.


Fig. 17.  Atlas and text-book of topographic and applied anatomy. 1905.

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"Sometimes an understanding silence was better than a bunch of meaningless words."

— Mia Sheridan, Archer’s Voice (via wordsnquotes)

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"It’s difficult to live with a kind heart in such a cruel world."

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Late night ramblings

Beer and mac n cheese will forever be my late night closing dinner. Comfort food to the max. Also, while to boot is real popular in europe, american and canadian cold country love the growlers, of which I am now the proud owner of a 32oz and a 64oz, to keep the beer from the keg at home


"Then open yourself. Let the human person come forth. Breath in the air and the silence."

— Franz Kafka, from Diaries (via kafkaesque-world)